Donor Testimonial

My husband and I have always been pro-life. We’ve always believed that life begins at conception and that each growing unborn child is an image-bearer of our Creator God. But after we had been married a few years, our commitment to being pro-life took on a very personal meaning for us. We were unable to conceive a child, and we began the journey that would eventually lead to building our family through adoption. As we worked through that process, we learned much about young women who had become pregnant unexpectedly, and who were then faced with life-changing, painful choices. We prayed for these young women, and were ever mindful that one of them would be making the very difficult and sacrificial choice to say goodbye to her baby in order to make it possible for us to become parents. A huge sadness in her life would make a huge joy in ours! We felt a tremendous burden for women who experienced unexpected pregnancy and the hard decisions they would have to make. We were determined to do all in our power to help provide the needed services for them in our community. That’s one of the reasons we were involved from the very beginning of the Rum River Crisis Pregnancy Center (as it was called then.) I was a volunteer counselor, a member of the Personnel Committee, and worked in fundraising from the start. Shortly after the Center was established, the idea was brought forward encouraging people to sign up for regular monthly financial support. It was called “Friends for Life”. We decided immediately that this was a cause that we wanted to support on an on going basis. We have been giving monthly ever since Friends for Life began. In some small way, supporting this ministry has helped us to nurture the special bond we feel with the birth mothers of our three children who are now grown. As we loved the children God brought into our family, we also grew in love for the young women who had given them life in the first place. What a privilege it has been!