Life Choices Center is a Christ-centered ministry that responds to unexpected pregnancies and believes that every life matters, healthy relationships are vital, Biblical sexuality is possible and hope is eternal.


Baby Bottle Campaign

Please join us in our Baby Bottle Campaign fundraiser! Our goal for 2022 is to reach $22,000. Go to rumriverforlife.org/donate to find out how you can give.   BABY BOTTLE "MOMS ARE AMAZING" VIDEO: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vnoDkvhSYeI_n4AZatxP3LbQo3TeJe0C/view?usp=sharing        

Jul 31 2022

Mens Parenting Class

Children love their Daddies! Your children love to hear your voice, to see you come in the door, to sit next to you at the table, and to play with you as long as you can possibly play.

Listening to other Dads talk about parenting and about what’s important to them and learning together is our goal. Learn new skills and be encouraged in this weekly class.

To register call 763-389-7876

Walk in’s also welcome!

Life Choices Center Princeton Branch
712 S. Rum River Drive
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